International students effectively subsidise domestic students

“The IFS report today stating students in England will graduate with average debts of £50,800 may have come as a shock, but the UK’s international student visa system is having a knock on effect on domestic students. The fees international students pay do effectively subsidise the fees of domestic students (some believe to the tune of £1.2 Billion per year), but in recent years, government policy has made it increasingly difficult for international students to obtain student visas. We welcome policies which ensure that overseas students do not overstay in the UK and an immigration policy which is tough, clear and free from abuse. But we also need a regime that that will maintain the UK’s ability to develop its international education sector, which already brings £26 Billion to the UK each year, provides employment for over 200,000 people all over the regions and supports our own domestic students in innumerable ways- including the level of their domestic tuition fees.”

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