Responding to the MAC assessment of international students

Responding to the announcement of the MAC assessment of international students, Sue Edwards, a spokesperson for Destination for Education said:

 "Today’s announcement recognises that eight years of restrictions has been based on flawed data. This has come at a cumulative cost of £9bn to Britain’s GDP over the last 6 years, stunting what is otherwise a fast growing sector. The visa system also needs to be simplified. Bureaucracy is deterring would-be international students from choosing to study in the UK and our current system means that we are losing out to our competitors in the US and Australia. International students are temporary migrants and should be treated as such. We need to reform the system and as a first step, this means removing international students from the net migration target.  International students contribute significantly both to the local and national economy, with Higher Education being the second biggest contributor to the UK’s balance of payments.

We urge the Migration Advisory Committee to recognise the crucial role international students play in the economy. We need to formulate a policy which allows the UK to compete in a fierce global market."

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